Bruce Alan Greene

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DP reel 2016
8 New Dates
Grandmother with Easy Virtues

2.5 minute compilation of clips from cinema and television.

Premieres August 17, 2017


Trailer for the latest feature film.

Now married 3 years, Vera and Nikita quarrel and wish for better spouses.  Their wish comes true as they wake up with new families in the morning! (sequel to "8 First Dates"

Love in the Big City 3
Close Enemy
8 First Dates

2nd sequel to the original hit Russian comedy.  When their wives leave for the spa, 3 young dad's foolishly wish that their 5 year olds were grown up already...

Russian gangster drama from acclaimed director Aleksandr Atanesyan and Sony Pictures

Vera and Nikita are two strangers who find themselves waking up together everyday in a strange bed and a strange house

8 Best Dates

Premieres March 3, 2016.


Now, married 10 years, with a new wife and 2 children, Nikita learns he has 2 months to live. And looks for a replacement husband for his wife and kids.